Essential Oil Healing Pendants

Each pendant is comprised of 4 different stones (occasionally 5). The stones in each necklace are specifically chosen for their metaphysical properties. For example, in the first photo marked “protection,” each of the crystals in that pendant have qualities that are said to protect the wearer in different ways: Strengthening the aura, transmuting negative energy, creating a protective shield, allowing the wearer to release negativity, and easing anxiety in general. The pendant is then back with lava, as shown in the last photo. Lava is porous and will absorb essential oils. Placing a few drops onto the lava will allow the scent to stay with the wearer in full strength for 4 – 6 hours and then slowly begin to wane. Using an oil like frankincense or lavender on one of the calming or anxiety pendants will aid in settling your nerves that much more. Or try rosemary on the creativity pendant. Orange or peppermint on the uplifting or energizing. Or simply place any oil of your liking on the back of any pendant.

Some of these pendants are available on Etsy, but many are not. To the right are all the different types of pendants I currently have in stock, shapes vary. If you’re interested in one of these specific designs, send me a message and I can send you photos of what I have in stock. I can also make a custom one for a specific ailment or with a specific shape.

I cannot promise these pendants will aid you with the healing you’re looking for, but like with anything of this nature intention is everything. I first created these pendants because I was looking for something to help me with my ADHD. When I’m having a particularly unfocused, rough day, I put my necklace on and tell myself it will help channel my energy into productive cohesion. For me, it works every time. I hope they will help you as well.

Each pendant comes in a box with a laminated card listing the different crystals used as well as a short write up about their properties.