Sacred Totems

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One of a kind, handmade sculptures, pendants, wall hangings, magnets, and display pieces carved from a variety of stone.

Pendants/necklaces are available at Earth Magic in Morgantown, WV or you can contact me directly.

In the past couple of years I’ve become very interested in stone intarsia. Cutting and gluing small pieces of rock together to create a design or image. Both as a flat framed display for wall hangings as well as pendants for necklaces.

A favorite at the art shows has been the crystal healing essential oil pendants. Four stones, sharing similar metaphysical properties, glued together in a beautiful array. Then backed with lava so essential oils can be added for extra healing benefits.

A guide to perusing this site:

The Portfolio Page has a list of items available on Etsy, items available at Earth Magic in Morgantown, WV and a bunch of photos of items already sold.

The Custom Orders Page explains pricing and my capabilities. There are photos of most of the larger stones I have at my disposal.

Click on the expanded menu at the top of the page to see examples of the different types of lapidary work I do as well as what is currently available for purchase. Feel free to contact me for purchase or if you have any questions.