Available Carvings on Etsy

Available at Earth Magic of Morgantown, WV

Banded Calcite Elephant
Septarian Eggs
Picture Jasper Obelisk
Heart Necklaces
Picasso Marble Shark on Azurite
Sandstone Incense Holder
Wonderstone, Tigers Eye, Agate
Calcite Turtle with Chakra Stone inlays
rainbow obsidian eggs
Picasso Stone, Petrified Wood
Wonderstone Elephant
Fire Agate, Obsidian, Agate, Merlinite
Wonderstone Platypus
Marble Bird on Petrified Wood
Intarsia Healing Pendants
Wonderstone, Red Jasper, Petrified Wood
Septarian Platypus
Banded Calcite Frog
Garnet, Ruby Zoisite, Obsidian
Zebra Calcite Zebra
Thor’s Hammer Necklaces
Mushroom Necklaces
Honeycomb Calcite Lion
Arrow Necklaces
Picture Jasper, Calligraphy Stone, Petrified Wood

Sold Carvings

Wonderstone Shark
Labradorite Peacock
Serpentine Snake
Fluorite Buddha
Serpentine Turtle
Calcite Pterodactyl
Honeycomb Calcite Fist – Cost donated to ACLU
Calcite Flame Lamp
WV lamp with light
Calcite and Obsidian Chess Set
Calcite Velociraptor
Labradorite Snail
Honeycomb Calcite T-Rex
Honeycomb Calcite WV with Labradorite Heart Inlay
Picasso Marble Hippo
Honeycomb Calcite Angel
Blue Calcite Dolphin on Sodalite
Obsidian Cat
Wonderstone Fish
Obsidian Turtle with Labradorite Inlay
Picasso Marble Whale
Wonderstone Angel
Wonderstone Elephant
Gold Sheen Obsidian Angel Fish in Geode
Wonderstone Whale
Honeycomb Calcite Giraffe
Picasso Marble Giraffe
Serpentine Turtle
Sodalite Shark
Calcite Wine Holder

Honeycomb Calcite Rhino

Serpentine Scorpion
Obsidian Buddha
Zebra Marble Panda on Amethyst cluster
Blue Obsidian, Dumortierite
Red Creek Jasper and Labradorite Wine Stopper – 2nd photo
Verdite Crocodile
Labradorite Fist – Cost donated to M4BL.org
Picasso Marble Nyala
Wonderstone Dragon
Wonderstone Scorpion
Septarian Elephant
wonderstone spider
Calcite Pineapple
Calcite Hand Bowl
Zebra Calcite Snake
Honeycomb Calcite Mountain Lion
Labradorite Pendulum
Labradorite, Obsidian, Dumortierite
Honeycomb Calcite Wolf
Wonderstone Elephant
Wonderstone Platypus
Howlite Penguin
Calcite Peacock
Calcite Fish Jumping out of Water
Picasso Marble Elephant
Picture Stone Turtle with In-lays
Picasso Marble Giraffe with Opal Inlay
Serpentine Tree set in Petrified Wood
Obsidian Fist (Full price donated to miscellaneous organizations)

Calcite Cross