Here are examples of different sculptures I’ve made. If you are interested in one of the ones marked “available” send me a message.

Most measure between 2 – 4.5 inches at their longest stretch. I don’t have rocks large enough to carve anything bigger than 4 or 4.5 inches. The stones can be polished by fine sanding and then using a final polishing compound or by simply sanding smooth until the scratches are removed from the stone and then coating in polyurethane. The yellow honeycomb calcite the lion is carved from can be acid polished. Acid polishing or using polyurethane is the cheaper way to finish a carving. Sanding until polished takes more time therefor is more expensive. On certain stones like apatite (the first turtle pic), ziosite (the bearded dragon), picasso (the armadillo and shark) and labradorite (the peacock), I’m more inclined to fully polish, as they take nicely to it. Whereas some other stones I feel look just as nice with polyurethane. If you are putting in for a custom order I’m happy to do whatever method you prefer.