Custom Orders

When browsing through the available totems and other random carvings, if you don’t see something that draws you in, yet you feel connected with the work in general, shoot me a message.

My favorite thing to carve is custom pieces. In general, the energy of the stone speaks to me and we work together to bring a piece out of its existence. But when a person specifically asks for a piece to be made, there is a third empowering energy at play. The customer’s desire. I feel it gives greater fuel and purpose to the piece. It’s not just an orphan waiting for a home, it’s born of desire.

If you would like a custom piece made, don’t hesitate to contact me. For a more obscure carving or anything over $100, I require half the payment upfront. For anything else there is no charge until the piece is finished and if you aren’t satisfied with it, you don’t have to buy it.

I’m also happy to polish the face of one or two sides of a stone for you. Maybe you have a special rock you’ve been holding onto for a long time and would love to see the inner beauty of it displayed more prominently. Polishing one face of a stone allows for both the natural look and inner detail to be appreciated.


Generally $25 and up for things done on the cab machine (see below).


Smaller pieces, about 1.5 – 2” – Starting at $40

Medium size, about 2.5 – 3” – Starting at $65

Larger size, about 3.5 – 4” – Starting at $115

Extra large about 4.5 – 5” – Starting at $150

Things that affect pricing are:

The type of stone, size, and detail. For example some stones are more expensive and some are much more difficult to work with.

A little background of the carving process

I use a cab machine and flat lap for making cabs, pendants, pendulums, Thor’s hammer necklaces, mushrooms, eggs, pyramids, palm stones, cubes and other things, but nothing intricate. I’m able to work with any type of stone when using the cab machine.

For carving animals, totems, sculptures, and other more intricate work, I use a Dremel. When working with the Dremel I’m only able to carve softer stones. In theory the hard stones could be carved with a Dremel, but it would take forever and I don’t have that kind of patience.

This information is provided so you know what’s possible. A certain size or price range can be requested and we’ll work something out based on your parameters. Shoot me an email to make an inquiry.

Below are pictures of the stones I have in my repertoire right now. I may be limited on the size of something I can make based on what I have. I can also work with a stone of yours if you prefer. Next to each stone is between 1 and 4 dollar signs, marking how expensive a carving made with that material would be.

Click on the name of the stone to see different examples of carvings made from that material (not all stones have links).

Rocks For Sculptures or Anything Else

Rocks For Cab Machine Only

Snowflake Obsidian – $$$
Howlite – $$$
Ruby Zoisite – select piece – $$$
Kombaba Jasper – $$$
Turritella Agate – $$
Amazonite – $$
Aventurine – $$
Picture Jasper – $$
Elephant Skin Jasper – $$$
Rainbow Obsidian – $$$$
Lapis Lazuli – $$$$
Crazy Lace Agate – $$$
Bloodstone – $$$
Variety of Petrified Wood – $$
Wonderstone (jasper) Variety 3 – $$
Red Jasper – $$
Dumortierite – $$$
Nephrite – $$$$
Blue Obsidian $$$$
Sodalite – $$$
Rhodonite – $$$
Merlinite – $$$
Green Tree Agate – $$
Hematite – $